This I Believe

Jill - Newton, Iowa
Entered on October 25, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30


Death penalty

I believe that every state should have the death penalty. I think that a person who takes another persons life, with exceptions, should be killed. I also think that all child molesters should get the death penalty because they are ruining that child’s life forever. I think that anyone who in their right mind can do that to a child obviously has something wrong with them and should not be able to function around other people. If they do it once they are going to do it again. I just don’t understand how we let child molesters go after so many years just to put them out on the streets with children again. We should just give them the death penalty so they can never harm another child.

The rules that we have right now aren’t going to take care of a child molester who lives right next door to a child and moves often enough that no one knows they are molesters. It is not fair to always have our children in danger knowing that these crazy people aren’t always going to be locked up. It is also ridiculous how when the molester gets out of jail the victim gets a postcard to let them know. That would just make it worse for the child who is already been violated and probably put into many years of therapy. I just think it is wrong and they are ruining that child’s life, so something other then a couple years of prison should be done. If you are in the state of mind that you are have sexually acts with I child that is wrong. Something needs to be done so this kind of act stops. I

If not the death penalty then when that person is put into jail they should tell every prisoner that they are in for molesting a child and they are free to take care of that guy however they want to. That way they have to suffer just as much as their victim. There needs to be a stop top this it is wrong and it is ruining the victim’s lives. They are being traumatized and they already have enough to worry about just being kids.