This I Believe

Anthony - Los Angeles, California
Entered on October 25, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Dog/ Love/ Learning.

Recently I stumbled into the craft of improvisation—and its simple principles have changed my outlook on life.

One of the key lessons of improv is to always say, ‘yes, and…’ to every idea. You never ever deny anything—you instantaneously accept every notion as being true and brilliant, and build on it without editing—even if the initial thought was a mistake to begin with. Nobody can be wrong, not even you. The best way to go about not editing yourself and embracing every idea as perfect, is to not think about it—meaning: get rid of your preconceived notions, mute your inner monologue, and vocalize your gut reactions—because they’re right, even if you think they’re wrong, because even that’s right too.

By honestly embracing every idea as the right one—no matter where or who it comes from—you’re forced to stop worrying about YOU and whether or not you’re funny, clever, tactful, right, or wrong—it doesn’t matter, whatever it is—it’s correct, and however you build on it is exactly the way it’s supposed to be built on.

When done properly, the results of turning off your inner editor and blurting out your subconscious flutterings can be transcendent and lead to a transference and synthesis of imaginations, ideas, associations, and discoveries where within the moment you have access to more answers, confidence, humor, insight and intellect on life and humanity then you ever thought possible—all because you’re not thinking, only believing. I believe in the power of improvisation, this moment, and the unique associations our subconscious caters it with—

Creativity/Expression/Think Speak/Improvisation/Interaction/Brain-fare…Stream. I believe in ME.

Will Power, Thinking that makes it so, snatching up quicksilver—the feeling in your gut at play.

Understanding something, a sentence phrasing that resonates. Validation/Orchestration/ Synthesis/Conversion/Exploration/Discovery…Following the impulse. Living in the moment.

Living. Being. Creating. Focusing on you. Believing in you. Reacting to you. This is really happening/Gusto/ Joy/ Entertainment/ Why not?

For so long I’ve looked to myself for the answers but they’ve been here with you the entire time.

I believe in montage. Juxtaposition/association/Synapses firing. This moment in time. I say potato you think–

I think. We speak. Love—To edit is to think. We speak. I express—you express, we communicate. Ideas are melded—souls are mended. You think gimmick/pretension/ Supposition—I think—

I Drive. Be of this moment. Unconscious-Preconscious–Subconscious –it electrifies. I can’t be wrong. There’s only one me—and only one you. This moment can’t be undone, and we created it together—THIS I believe.

Of course ignoring your inner editor is completely counter intuitive and very uncomfortable and can result in feelings of tediousness and embarrassment to the uninitiated—it’s unnerving to be so vulnerable and revealing. Revealing…yes, and truthful, and resonant. Powerful, simple, beautiful, of the moment, right, and perfect every time: improvisation, this I believe.