This I Believe

Syanne - Oak Park, California
Entered on October 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Love has No age

“It’s not love, you’re too young.” This quote has been used for generations on the

young society.

The young always get judged by their naivety. But who was it that said love is something

only felt by those who are “Matured”?

I surely don’t know, but what I do know is that I believe they are wrong.

I believe love can be felt by anyone, regardless of their age. William Shakespeare did

write Romeo and Juliet, those characters were in love, and they were only thirteen years

old. Adults forget they were once a kid, they forget their first love, and they forget what

it felt to lose that first love. I remember hearing a story once about my parents when they

were young. My mother was fifteen, and my father was seventeen. It was the middle of

the school year, and my dad was a teacher’s aid, helping out in class at best he could. My

mom was a student in the class doing her best to learn. My mom—you could say was a

very popular girl in school, but she knew that the one was out there; she knew what love

was, she just didn’t know when and where. My dad always had an eye out for my mother,

but my mom being as stubborn as she was, could only try to think of them as friends. My

mom thought she was too young to be in love, but she was wrong. She knew it. And he

knew it.

I believe in two teenagers exchanging those 3 familiar words, and meaning it.

I believe in loving someone with all of your heart, and being loved the same in return, at

just thirteen. I believe in lying under the stars talking about the things that don’t matter at

the age of seventeen. I believe in my friend

who has been with her boyfriend for 3 ½ years and I believe that their love is true, at just

fourteen years old.

I believe in true love. I believe love has no age.