This I Believe

Andrew - Bryan, Texas
Entered on October 25, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that everyone should learn to play an instrument. At the end of the day I believe it is better to pick up your guitar and strum out a riff, then to sit on your lazy boy and get your daily work out from lifted your forearm to change from MTV to HSN. Music is sense of freedom and speech through lyrics, rhythm, tone, and sound. Hours can unwarily pass as you sit and play away at the instrument of your choice. Who do all the guests sit around at a gathering? Besides the caterer holding a plate of things that most of the guest cannot pronounce, the person singing or playing the instrument, correct? Yes. Once you begin to play; you hear the same songs on the radio as you had before, but now with appreciation, and maybe see it as a challenge to yourself to master that same song. Instruments are natural, electricity is not need for most, and it will always be right where you left it. Instruments show your individuality and the way you feel, through the manner of which you play. A song can tell that special person I’m sorry, a song can explain what your special person is, what happened last weekend or a memory of your father. A song can be looked at as a short narrative. Just not as boring. Granted people might run away at first because you can’t keep the pitch and it hurts their ears to listen. As time passes, if you are determined, people will run to the music to join in with the crowd and sing along, Although you will be the only one standing out in it. Instruments show people that you can take the time to sit down and work at something until it is perfect. This is what I believe