This I Believe

Rachael - Woodland Hills, California
Entered on October 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Healing Your Soul

If your think positive, you will be positive. Is this true, some people ask? Well, of course it is true. It couldn’t be any truer. These words work just as effectively in the opposite direction. Meaning, if you think negatively, you will be negative. That is why all the bad villains in every single comic book never win the battle. I believe in thinking positive.

My mom is always telling me to think positive. She does Reiki which is when somebody, in this case my mom, puts positive energy in places where you are hurt, unhealthy or you need assistance. It works quite well and I have actually seen it work with my own eyes. My mom goes to my grandpa and grandma’s house way up in the foot hills of Burbank to help my uncle Francis who has a little bit of cancer in him. Reiki doesn’t happen over night but in the long run. He has been getting his strength back and though the cancer isn’t shrinking it isn’t growing either. Things are starting to look up for him now. He feels an improvement and everyone in the hospital is shocked at what is happening. We are all thinking positive for him.

Sometimes I don’t think that if we are positive it is going to work how I want it to. I tell my mom and then she says just wait, it will happen. It doesn’t happen over night. The funny thing is that that is the shortened version. She usually almost puts me to sleep talking about all that. I have had a Reiki treatment given to me a few times before. Personally, I was bored out of my mind two out of the three times. I kept on moving and my mom finally gave up. The third time I fell asleep. All those times though I was younger. I had one given to me more recently and enjoyed it. I felt more energized after. She is trying to become a Reiki Master. I am thinking positive for her.

Positive words are very powerful and true. Your thoughts become your actions and your actions become your thoughts. If you have negative thoughts you will become negative. No matter what you say, positive or negative, it will set up the rest of your life. I will always think positive.