This I Believe

Shelby - Oak Park, California
Entered on October 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Shelby Rifkin

Express Freely

There are some countries who do not allow people (mainly women) to speak their minds. I strongly oppose that idea. Instead, I believe people should freely express their thoughts and feelings.

Some people hide their feelings or may not even know how to express them. I believe they should appropriately say what they feel, no matter how it comes out, and be glad to know they have a voice that can be heard. I have had problems of not speaking up for myself. But when I get a little encouragement, it goes a long way. It makes me bolder and gives me more confidence to face the people I interact with.

I believe self confidence contributes to expressing thoughts. Without self confidence, many people feel timid and shy. Feelings are not heard, thoughts are not spoken, and people fell controlled when they don’t have a say in things. Many times I have been in situations that were overwhelming and people were controlling. Since that is very uncomfortable for me, I tend to quietly listen instead of speak up for myself and possibly others. Although it isn’t the best way, I am sure others do it too. That is why I believe people should speak up for themselves. Deep down inside, that person knows what they want or need and to get it done correctly, they need to stand up for themselves and get the job done.

I believe people should listen to one another, even if they do not share the same idea. When people acknowledge my point of view based on possible assumptions, I am grateful I was heard, even though it might not have been accepted. Even if it is later disposed of, I am thankful they listened to me first rather than dispose of it immediately. Being listened to contributes greatly to the way people react and feel. It boosts up my self confidence and allows me to state my thoughts without having the concern of being laughed at or interrupted.

Sure I will have those days where I mess up, but there is always a fresh, new day just waiting for me to express my feelings confidentially and freely.