This I Believe

Matt- - Oak Park, California
Entered on October 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Matt Silverstone


Period 4

This I Believe Essay

Have you ever thought of helping anyone else besides you once in a while? I believe in helping other people in life that are less fortunate than myself. I then will be rewarded with the joy of happy faces from children just like me, but less fortunate than I. I first saw this when helping out with a project for foster children, it came to me that by helping other children my age made them feel that someone cares about them. I believed in it so much I help children every year. Not only do I believe in this, but also about 200 people come pack bags for them with toys, toiletries, cards, and more.

Believing in something is good trait to have, because if you don’t believe in anything you will not have a sense of personal fulfillment. Everyone needs to have a belief and try to do better for the world and it’s people. Watching other people believe in anything gives them a drive to accomplish goals in life and I believe that you will then be more successful in your job, life, and surroundings.

Unfortunately many people need the help of other people in the form of donating money to organizations. In the mail I got a letter asking for a donation of money for homeless people to eat at thanksgiving. It gave facts like one dollar can make a meal for a person. Everyone at my school spends five dollars or more on lunch. If that person instead of buying a cookie for one dollar saved it and donated it, that one-dollar you didn’t spend on a cookie could go a feed a hungry person for thanksgiving. If everyone in my school did that they would collect 1,500 dollars to feed 1,500 people. Believing in that one dollar and believing in helping other people, not only does it make you feel good, it helps someone in need for survival.

Just think of the last time you did community service and help people. If you can’t recall, it’s telling you it’s time to help out anyway possible.