This I Believe

Marissa - Putnam, Connecticut
Entered on October 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

In life, people learn to posses new abilities and talents everyday. No one is born with the natural skill to play athletics, or to do well academically. It takes time and determination to perfect an individual’s capability of performance. At one point or another, everyone tries something for the first time. It is not always guaranteed that a I will be successful in my first try, but it is always possible to practice and improve. I believe that practice makes perfect. By having your mind set and working to achieve certain goals, I believe anything is possible.

When I was a little girl, I received a pogo stick for a birthday present and I was very excited to start using it. When I had seen other people use pogo sticks before, it looked like a lot of fun and took little effort. I soon found out that things are not always like what you see on t.v. I was lucky if I could get one bounce before falling backwards off the pogo stick. The pogo stick was not as easy as I thought, and I was very discouraged by that fact that I was unable to bounce on it. That is when my dad gave me advice: to keep practicing everyday and I will become better. I listened to my father’s words and spent time outside in the driveway practicing everyday. My first goal was to get two bounces on the pogo stick. Once I had made that I set my goal higher every time. Eventually, I could stay on the pogo stick for hundreds of jumps at a time. I was over joyed and very proud of myself for what I had accomplished. That day I felt that I could achieve anything I hoped for, as long as I keep practicing.

From my experiences, I learned that the phrase practice makes perfect is a very important thing to remember in my life. When trying new things it is usual for me to become frustrated; however, this does not mean that I should just give up. There is no need to give up my dreams; I just need to work toward achieving them. Determination can bring me very far in life. It is not good to have doubt, because then I am less likely to accomplish my goals. Practice allows me to build on my skills and gain new strengths. Once my goals are perfected, all of the practice is worth it in the long run. Practice makes perfect. This I believe.