This I Believe

Diana - Burbunk, California
Entered on October 24, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that education is a key to success.

Education is one of the most important links in a society. People, who are educated, bring the country to a higher level of its development. If we look at the deepest roots of history of any country, we can see that wherever a new country was forming, the first thing to do was to open schools. This is also the first major step of a future developed country.

My believe in education can also be shown based on my personal experience. In my native country; Soviet Union as a children we were taught that every single person should be educated. Even at the age of seven, in the first grade, all students in elementary schools make a goal for them to be university graduates and become professionals in the field they are interested in. People in Soviet Union were disciplined in a way that only higher educated people can be the lawful citizens of our country. My thoughts have their proofs because all the famous scientists, writers, poets, composers were originally from Soviet Union.

Educated people can be the only power which will help the country and the community to grow and become one of the leading countries in the world. Although education is my first priority in life, there are also other necessities such as: family, relationships and etc. Even though there are plenty of people who are not educated enough to fit certain standards, I still respect and appreciate them for their personal qualities. Everyone, including not enough educated people bring their help to our society.

I am dedicated to my belief. It does not matter in what country I am now, being master in my filled, I will serve my community and country with loyalty. After all it was the help of my community and country that made my dreams come true.