This I Believe

Danielle - Oak Park, California
Entered on October 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: peace, war

Peaceful War No More

I believe in a world of freedom and happiness, free from worry and uncertainty. This Earth, our only home, doesn’t deserve to have to live with the anguish made by people that create conflicts instead of peace. I have not experienced any severe or threatening troubles in my life so far, and I am greatly appreciative of that. I have a caring family, a house to live under, food to eat, and basically everything I’ve ever needed. When I look at the rest of the world and all the unnecessary hardships faced, I believe something should be done to help.

For the past five years of my life, my country, the U.S., has been at war. Thankfully, I have not felt too affected by it. Other countries that are at war, such as Iraq, are greatly affected. In fact, most of the poverty, starvation, and homelessness are caused by war. I believe that by giving a reaching hand out to those that need help would reduce the insignificant influences war has on many people.

Not only is the consequence of war a shame, but war itself is a horrifying thing to have to go through. Soldiers are in danger of dying every day. Citizens at home are worried about their loved ones at war, and safety is in jeopardy. War can destroy people as quickly as a wildfire spreads. I believe people should be able to peacefully negotiate what they feel is right instead having to fight.

Some people’s lives are completely changed by war. One day they could be going about with their daily business, with a house to live under, a job to work at, and a healthy family. Then suppose the next day, their country goes to war and fighting is occurring in the area they live. Forced to move to a refugee camp, they would keep only the belongings they could carry, work at whatever job was available, and maybe even have to split up with their family. I believe that it takes an incredibly strong person to be able to live through these circumstances, and when I look at how well my community and I are able to live, I am extremely grateful.

Is not being able to control what will happen to the world even though we, the people, supposedly choose its fate right? We have the power to preserve the world and keep it peaceful, but instead the power is used unfairly, causing terror and harm. Sometimes, when all this outrage is occurring, hope and unity strengthen. People have a chance to believe and pray for what they dream will happen. I dream and wish that war will be overcome and people will realize that by fighting, it is only destroying the world, not gaining anything for anyone. In world peace, this I believe.