This I Believe

Anne - Thornton, Colorado
Entered on October 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in paying-it-forward. Paying-it-forward is when you do something nice for somebody then instead of them paying you back you tell them to pay-it-foward. And then that person does something nice and pays-it-forward while expecting nothing in return.

I believe in taking that extra mile for those who are in need. Or when there’s times when you see a person drop their notebook and their papers fly everywhere. I believe you should stop and help that person pick up their belongings instead of laughing at them. If someone looks confused I think that we should take the time to ask that person if they need help in return that they may one day help others. On many occasions people are walking in crowded hallways and buildings I believe in holding the door for that person who is behind me instead of letting the door slam in their face.

Or when your at Starbucks waiting in line and the person in front of you is short on change. I believe in helping that person pay for their coffee. But these examples are few and far between. I believe that our society has turned into what’s best for the individual right now instead of what’s best to help everyone. People now-a-days are in a hurry all the time and don’t want to take that extra minute out of their day to help someone if they need it. We are so closed-minded and only feel sorry for ourselves e.g. Why am I the only person this happens to or Why me, God why does this have to happen to me out of all people. People need to step out of their bubble of selfishness and need to start helping others who are in greater need then themselves. It’s sad sometimes when you have to see people pick and choose who they want to help out just because they way that person my appear. We should all be willing to help anyone no matter what they look like.

I believe in paying-it-forward as small acts of kindness that want nothing in return. These

acts can brighten someone’s day and even though it may not seem like a big deal now, but nobody realizes that they have reached out and touch somebody’s life, they have made the difference and to me that’s more powerful than anything you can give to a person.