This I Believe

Charles - Shelton, Washington
Entered on October 24, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family, setbacks

Not A Bad Day

One afternoon a few years ago while raising two kids as a single dad I was having a really bad day. The kids were fighting with each other,their mother had just taken off to California and things just seemed to be falling apart. I went outside to sit in the back yard and was really starting to feel sorry for myself,thinking how am I going to do this. As it were I lived a few blocks from the local hospital and as I’m sitting there the life flight helicopter flew right over my back yard. I thought to myself,you know I’m not having a bad day,the person on that chopper or the family of the person in that chopper is having a bad day. I got up,went in to the house and told my kids that I loved them and not to worry everything would work out. From that day on every time I think that I’m having a bad day,I think back to that day in my back yard and I just think positive thoughts. This has seemed to work out very well for me and I’m glad to say that everything did workout for us as a family.