This I Believe

Kyrie - Southbridge, Massachusetts
Entered on October 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: golden rule

This I Believe…

You have just had an awful day; you blanked on a history pop quiz, left your chemistry homework at home, spilled fruit punch on your brand new, expensive white blouse, and you had to practice in the rain. After all that, the day really could not have gotten any worse, but of course it did; while walking to your car with books in your arms, you trip and they all fall to the wet ground.

With a day full of all these terrible events, people often forget the good things that did happen, especially the little ones. For example, the classmate who offered to let you look on with her during the review of the chemistry homework and the boy who you barely knew that ran over to help you pick up your books. These small things are however, often noticed on days that are not so awful, days when you are helping brighten the days of others. Some of the actions are routine, like being polite or picking up a pencil that a classmate dropped near you, but the ones that take effort and time are the most valuable: helping someone with their homework when you know they need help but are afraid to ask for it, carrying books for someone who is on crutches, or taking notes for a friend who is out sick from school. By committing these positive deeds, others recognize them, and will, in return, consider doing similar things for you.

Being a kind and thoughtful person really does pay off, perhaps not immediately, but in the long run it will. I truly believe that what goes around comes around, and that “Golden Rule” is truly precious. If everyone treated others that way they want to be treated, by being considerate of their feelings and helping them as much as possible, bad days would not be so bad. During a bad day, those around us would constantly be supporting us. If you treat someone kindly, it will come back to you, and so when an awful day comes around, just remember this: someone will always be there to get you through it.