This I Believe

Franky - chicago, Illinois
Entered on October 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Would tell u that u was never getting with that person.

Love at first sight

I believe that love at first sight between to people is a lie because people don’t know if that will be who they will merry. “There more fishes in sea as people say” that’s just like when teenagers go I love you an all this trash they don’t even know what love is yet.

I’m 15 years old, I could actually agree with this cause every time I have a girl friend an I say I love you an all that trash. Like two years in relationship an then we like breakup so all these teenagers that say love at first sight is true its not. Anyway why do teenager boys and girls say this I think its because it to each other how they feel but let me tell u guys and girls if u guys really think about it why do we all want to grow up so quick I mean there plenty of fishes in the sea to go out with. But anyways I think another reason is that people always say oh yeah I found who I’m going to merry an it was like love at first sight I think its nothing but trash because u can’t just say I’m going to merry this girl or this guy just because you have things in common or you were going out with this person since like 8th grade. I’m talking about these teenagers that say this an there only in like there sophomore year an they don’t even know what love is an they think that the person there with is there lover an friend for all there life. I also think that in high school kids all the only one that think if they see some they like its like love at first sight an its really not because it just someone that they really like. If you go up to that person and go I like u an every since I saw you it was like love at first sight and I would do any thing to get with you. That person would think you were crazy.