This I Believe

Jennifer - burbank, California
Entered on October 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I Belive in Art

I beleive every person needs to have an internal burning passion.But, what is passion? To me, passion is a deep desire, an intense drive for somethig you love. My passion is art. It’s the beauty that we see everyday, from our daily make-up to the blinding yellow of the sunset. Art helps me express myself through photography and cosmotology.

Ever since i was a child i was always attracted to beauty. Dramatic colors like deep black, blood red, and electric blue seemed to catch my eye. When i first began using make-up i loved to experiment with different styles and colors. One day my friend asked me to do her make-up before a birthday party. I happily agreed and began to outline her ocean blue eyes with a jet black color. Then i added a little sprinkle of blue glitter on her eyelids. I also used a nude color lip plumper to make her lips look fuller. Once i finished, she looked like the blue, cat eyes version of Angelina Jolie. As she looked in the mirror i saw her eyes sparkle with difbelive and excitment, That was the moment i knew how much i loved cosmotology.

Photogaphy is also another way i express myself. I take my time and try to capture as many beautiful moments as i can. One of my favorite pictures i took is a couple in front of the ocean during sundet. They were both wearing matching pink shirts and long blue denim jeans. The girl had blonde wavy hair up to her hips that flew in different directions once the wind blew. To me, the oranges and yellows in the sunset backround and the young couple represented eternal happiness.

I belive, every persion expresses themselfes in different ways, and for me, it is the art of beauty.