This I Believe

Harold - Monrovia, California
Entered on October 23, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

In the next 200 hundred years conventional gasoline will be Obsolete.

Classic cars. Hearing the classic tunes coming from the vehicle such as Martha Reeves, Mary Wells, Parliament, Doors and led Zeppelins so clear it sounds and feels as if you in the front row of a concert. When you look at the feet of the beast you see studs, spokes and in some instances you see stones and gems embedded in gold, platinum and chrome surrounded by the shiniest black rubber. Looking at the coat so perfectly and flawlessly painted that you can just imagine the time spent and the creativity in designing the patterns and murals that tell the vehicles story and complementing the personality. Being a proud owner of such classic vehicles myself and realizing life is what you make it I believe it is a crime to not touch the blvd once a week preferable Sundays sharing this piece of history in the presence of family and friends. Often I wonder what would Sunday be without the urban such as Ford Galaxy, Chevy impala and caprices, Dodge chargers and bumble bees are on there last days and will be extinct like the dinosaurs. Seeing these old cars on the blvd is science, the engine is purring like a kitten however when the engine rives it is like an untamed lion just as mean and demanding attention. You can see the chrome glistening for miles, as it approaches it feels as if you are lost in a desert and an oasis appears, as you look into the belly of the beast you see many different grades of leather, suede, tweed and ostrich so perfectly immersed Masterpieces blessing us with history in the making This I Believe.