This I Believe

Jennifer - Flint, Michigan
Entered on October 23, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe that love can be found after the most tragic of times.

People think that there is one special person whom you can find after you lose someone close to you. Love is a very fragile and precious thing that can be reborn if you believe in the power.

I had a hard time believing in love because I was angry at the above and beyond for taking away my first love. I vowed to never love or get close to anyone again. Seeing lovers made me jealous and angry at everyone in love. It was horrible to see couples kiss and hug. I wanted to scream this was making me so jealous.

The anger inside of me boiled over and I began to doubt that the Lord liked me because he took the only person dear to me away like people whom I was close to…like my father and grandfather. It wasn’t fair that I didn’t have a special person to be with, to share my feelings, to look forward to go on.

It wasn’t until six months ago that I found my missing piece of my heart, The person just for me, A person for Jenn’e. I hated his guts when we met but now I love him more than anything.

I am happy, and in love, we’re both inseparable and constantly on the phone together much to my family’s dismay. Thanks to him I can move forward with a smile. The hole of losing my first love is still in my tender heart but the love for my boyfriend is healing me and teaching me to love someone again.

Sometimes I wish my first love wouldn’t have died but I know in my heart that he sent a new love to me. The power of love and Jon’s spirit brought us together. Believe in love and it will be reborn. This I believe.