This I Believe

Wanda - Conway, Arkansas
Entered on October 23, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

Room For A Few

Arriving on campus after a long day’s work, I drive around what seems like forever looking for the one thing that is hard to find at the university of which I attend, a parking space. I drive to the parking lot behind Carmichael Hall, hoping that an area outlined with green paint will appear so that my car can take a rest. I then drive to the parking area to the right of the cafeteria. A park finally, only I have to walk half a mile to get to my room. I journey through the rock-infested gravel towards my room that seems so far away. That is why I truly believe that the university that I am enrolled in should have more parking areas.

One night, I decided to depart from the campus life and sleepover at my sister’s house. I woke up on time, at six-fifty, and got ready to go to my eight o’clock class. Someone must have mysteriously sped up the time because when I arrived on campus, it was already fifty-two after seven. As I finally began to pull into my almost irretrievable parking space, I half-heartedly glanced at the clock in my car. My heart became lodged in my throat as the numbers 8:02 jumped out at me without the least bit of sympathy. Being the person I am, I decided that going to that class that day was totally out of the question.

We have had mostly warm days so far in the month of October; however, it has rained, what seems like eighty percent of the time. I somehow seem to always get caught in the rain while looking for a parking space. As opposed to all of the other times, I roam the parking lot with joy when it is raining, hoping that it will slack up when I finally discover a park. Unfortunately, I usually end up soak and wet by the time I find one and make it to my room. And every time, after I have made it to my room, the rain decides to stop its sprinkling of nature’s showers.

Browsing for a parking space on campus is a task, I assume, that many of us have; on the contrary, I have also learned from not having enough parking spaces on campus. First off, I learned to stay on campus all of time if I have a morning class. Lastly, I will always keep an umbrella in my backpack, my purse, and also in my car. Even though they are not always effective, when I use them of course, it is better to be a little dry than totally wet. And maybe one day, my belief will become a reality.