This I Believe

Derek - Elgin, Illinois
Entered on October 23, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

“This I Believe Essay”

I believe that almost everybody needs to learn how to not get mad. Getting mad is one of the worst things that a person can do. All this does is cause many more problems and extreme amounts of unnecessary stress. To this day, I haven’t seen any problems solved with anger, but I’ve seen many people attempt to solve problems with anger; to no avail.

Throughout the past year or so, I myself, have been trying to keep my anger to a minimum. To my surprise, it was actually very easy to do. Any time that I thought I could get mad I just thought about something else and eventually forgot about whatever made me mad. I have found that daily activities become more enjoyable when I’m happy, therefore I try my best to stay happy. I have come to my understanding about anger by spending four years on the Elgin soccer team.

With many hours spent on the soccer field, I have seen many tempers pushed over the limit. People let pointless actions turn into big problems. An accidental push turns into a fist fight, which turns into an ejection, which in turn, hurts the team. Not only do we lose a player, but we insist on arguing with officials, which gets another player ejected, or forces them to become biased for the rest of the game. Not once in four years have I seen an official change a call because a teenager tried to tell them that they were wrong. It always caused more problems. The results of these actions leave the soccer program in a far worse position than it was in before. These are major contributing factors to the downward spiral that we call the “soccer season.” We usually start off strong, but after a couple of weeks we lose players and focus due to ejections. Because the soccer team hasn’t figured out that getting mad is hurting them, they will continue to be average at best. Once the team eliminates anger from its game, it will find that the game is so much easier without all of the extra distractions. This is also true in life. Once people realize that nothing positive comes from anger, they will start living more enjoyable lives. Living enjoyably usually consists of being happy yourself, and associating yourself with other who are also happy. Everybody should have a goal to live a happy life; eliminating anger is a major step in the right direction to becoming a happier person.