This I Believe

Carolyn - La Junta, Colorado
Entered on October 23, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: war


The young woman reciting her KARATE “dojo-kun” and the old woman doing IT “ANYWAY.”

I BELIEVE WE ARE ONE IN OUR DEDICATION TO DISCIPLINE, AND IN A COMMON BELIEF. I think we all know that independence is not about class, equality, or going it alone.

It is about making our own decisions and accepting responsibility for the consequences of our own choices.

The State Department official, who was reported by NPR this morning to be speaking in Arabic, used two words to tell the truth. They were picked up in the news media and shot around the world with today’s “Morning Edition.” “Arrogance” and “stupidity” were set into the context of a judgement to come, and a sentence that cannot be denied, no matter what English words Washington spins.

I want to say it now, with the rest of the world, “Guilty as charged.” The failure of our plans in Iraq is not a case of “the best laid plans of mice and men.” Not only can I recall the questioning and the warnings of eight years ago, we can all hear the reports of this morning’s news. We can learn of our arrogance from the North Carolinians who visited Mexico, and of our collective stupidity in the oppression suffered by the Capitol’s servicemen under the bullying intimidation of our elected government’s hired “architect.”

It is my personal belief that I am not alone in the arrogance and stupidity of my behavior toward my own children and the poor of this land. My husband and our churches are guilty too. We are as equally one in our sins as we might be ashamed. I BELIEVE WE KNOW IT.

Let us choose to be one as well in our faith and salvation. Let us love one another as the best of our parents have loved us, unreservedly.

Let us open our eyes to see obvious solutions and our minds to hear the music, the infinitely wondrous possibilities, of different worlds. Let us open our hearts to feel the truthful realities that money and power cannot buy. Let us open the doors of our homes, the doctrines of our faith, and live as those people who worship The Great Spirit of a Land where space/time, air and water cannot be bought or owned by an “other” — where you do not choose to impose your judgements on me, nor do I use the license of my own judgement to sentence you, or any other, to suffering calamity.

THIS I BELIEVE WE CAN DO if we carefully and intelligently choose.