This I Believe

Jonathan - Eastford
Entered on October 23, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

My Belief is reduced to two, simple to remember, and easy to use phrases: “The Glass is Half Full”, and “Look on the Bright Side.” My life’s philosophy is founded firmly on this core ideal. It is also helped greatly by: “Life’s too Short.” Between these two ideas, my life has found its way to near perfection. In any circumstance, these principles have helped me through to find something good, for myself or my friends. When I can look into a day, and find something positive about it, and say it was a good day, I am happy. When I found that I could do that for weeks on end, I was not just happy, but truly content. With these philosophies in hand, and a will to see them through, I could confront any monotony, any disaster, any occurrence at all.

My Belief did not form from a situation or an experience; it was a way of life that I adopted out of the cosmos from nowhere that I can recall. Even though it was not based anywhere, it did not grow into its full potential; rather, it was adopted totally, not in parts, and put into use at an early age: namely, it has been with me since before any of my earliest memories. However, that did not signify that it was unchanged or untested, but rather that it was strong enough to stand against the tempest of life. One predominant memory that I have of it being tested is when my great friend’s mother died of cancer. In that time, there was no shining light that became apparent, and I am not sure that I have found one to this day.

However, another point of my belief is that even if it can’t cure anything, it can make everything as a whole look brighter. Anything that happens randomly in a day is a break from monotony and a new experience. Anything that is good is great, and anything bad shows me where I can improve and how things are bad, so I know how to make them better. It always brings me through the hard times, and helps me help my friends if they are hurting or in need of a good mood after a bad time. It constantly allows me to help others.

To everyone and anyone who seems to come home every day and look over how usual, tiring, and horrible that day was, then I say to you: try this. With time and empathy, you can find good everywhere and anytime, in any situation. Your life will be better, and everyone around you will notice when you point the good in a situation out to them, where they see none.