This I Believe

Randi - Hayward, California
Entered on October 23, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

More Than Words

I believe in the power of words. But what is a word? A word is a series of letters put together in a specific pattern that evokes feelings, connections, and mental images. What is said to a friend in a heated moment, what is whispered to a loved one for them to remember always; these things matter. Words have shaped me, made me who I am. The words that I take with me from the generations before me is what gives wisdom. The words that we speak to each other on a day to day basis are what shape the present.

So much of my world, so much of my thoughts and actions, depend on words. What I say and think often revolves around views that I have learned or read of through simple words put together in different patterns. I think in words. Words have power.

Since I was a child, I’ve had my parents to guide me with the things that they’ve said. Teaching me, loving me, and cheering me up when I was down-all of these things were done through words. My parents are the ones who gave me my education, and through speaking, reading and writing, I not only found the means to communicate, I learned to love and respect the power of words.

Words have not only given me the means to live day to day, they have given me the beliefs I will carry for the rest of my life. How important is the written word? Words have given me the most important thing in my life-my faith. Through the gift of the Bible, I am able to read writings that are thousands of years old that still retain their power after all these years. Words of prophecy and instruction, of love and forgiveness, all of these things are still relevant today. The Word of God is something that I couldn’t live without, so in a sense, words have saved my life, for it was through words that I learned of the gift of eternal life.

Not only do words give us the ability to form relationships, words give us the power to communicate with each other, to form the essential human contacts that get us through life. When I think of a tangible thing that I cherish, I think of letters from loved ones who are not here anymore. Through these letters, I am taken back through the years in my memory, to times and places that are instantly recalled through a few words on a piece of paper. It is a gift to have the evidence of the person’s life at hand, where you can look back and say, “Yes, I remember that, and you were there-you were here.”

My dream is to write. I want to share this power with the world; I want to leave something behind when I am gone. Through my written words, a part of me will always be here, even when I am not.