This I Believe

Judith - Franklin, Tennessee
Entered on October 22, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: death

My philosophy of life, if it can be called that, began to take shape the first time something both awful and totally beyond my control happened. For me that was the death of a child. We only know what we truly believe when we no longer have the illusion of being totally in control. Over many years and after many such events, I began to know what I truly believe.

This I believe…

I believe that life is like a tapestry. The beauty or ugliness of both is a combination of the design and the colors. In life, our choices and the things fate dumps on us create the design. We have control over the first and must accept and deal with the latter. The colors of our life reflect how we do that.

I believe the colors are dark and foreboding, if we either cannot accept what fate hands us or we become negative and embittered by the hand we are dealt. The colors are softer and more pleasing when we accept those things that are in our lives with an attitude of resilience and acceptance—perhaps even a touch of gratitude.

Our choices create colors both dark and light. We are imperfect and make bad choices and those give our life shades of darkness. When we make constructive and life enhancing choices, those create the lightness in our tapestry. Every part of us and our way of living are needed to give this tapestry both texture and depth. This I believe.