This I Believe

Joanna - Pasadne, California
Entered on October 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

My family and I were building a laundry room in the back part of our house. It was going to signify that we had enough money to build something as a family. The importance of the laundry room for my family was that we had finally reached a point where we were stable enough to do something. When we moved in about four years ago our family decided that our first goal as a family was to build a laundry room.

My family and I had received a note. The note was just a piece a paper with writing on it, but it seemed as if the note was a list of pain and struggles that were coming ahead on the following days. I felt that the pain was never going to end at all. It all seemed as if there was no solution to any of the problems. On the note there were big red letters that caught my eye that read STOP. The word for me meant sorrow and sadness. When I saw my parents read this note I saw my dad really disappointed and my mom started crying in tears. I wanted to wake up and believe that it was just a dream. The note just read that we could no longer continue our construction at out house but as simple as the note read, the words destroyed a dream of a family.

I believed that if I stayed that maybe everything would work out. I needed to be strong and show that a simple piece of paper was not going to hurt me. I trusted in my character as a member of the family to feel connected. I wanted to inform the rest of my family that if we were united and believed in God, that He was going to send us faith. It was hard to express myself in words, so I decided to inform them in some action by being supportive. I saw everyone giving up and my instinct told me to do the same to give up and live life with a struggle. I realized that my self-confidence in finding a moment of peace was going to help my family. I inspired my parents by sharing old funny stories that made us laugh for so long. When I saw them smile, I learned how to give positive action.

As time passed everything seemed to get better. The room was getting rebuilt again, this time all correct with all the specifications meet. We started to hope once again that our first goal as a family was going to be accomplish. Faith helped us feel connected as each family member suffered through their own sorrows. Our house felt stronger because we had built strength of inspiration toward each other. When we taught everything was being destroy, even our own house since it was demolish, we started to build it again and this time stronger than before. I was searching for an answer and in return I found inspiration.