This I Believe

Julia Robinson - North Hollywood, California
Entered on October 21, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: love


I believe life should be driven by love. I believe we must love fully and deeply and without question or qualification. There is no better life than a life lived in love. Not simply romantic love. I believe we must not only love someone, we must love some thing about the world the live in.

My life partner is Japanese. I am not. To honor our love, to better communicate, I took Japanese lessons. There is a phrase in Japanese, “ai kurasu” … “to live in love.” Love is truly the language that needs no words, and yet, now that I am able to speak and communicate in Japanese I am better able to understand the heart of the one I love. Learning to speak Japanese was the best choice I ever made… a choice based on passion and commitment and love. I love many things…my partner, our child, my work, my pets, my polka-dot high heeled shoes, my i-mac, a book my father gave me in 1982, my rattletrap car, the sunlight under the mulberry tree, and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies… My greatest accomplishment, I believe, is my commitment to love …. second only to my commitment to cookies.

I love cookies. Sesame Street’s blue fuzzy bundle of love, Cookie Monster, is surely my soul mate. “Cookieee” he roars as he tosses cookies into his cavernous blue mouth. I love to eat cookies almost as much as I love to bake cookies. Nothing fancy. I simply bake toll house cookies from the recipe on Nestle chocolate chips. Never sliced, never from a mix, always hand made, two eggs, 2 sticks of butter, chunks of chocolate chip love. I love to offer comfort and love to those around me, with a smile, with a kind word, and a cookie. I give cookies as gifts, with the words, “home made, baked with love.” Home baked cookies must be eaten right away, when they are still warm and soft and alive with the love that went into them.

The gift of love and cookies is pure and joyful. I am more certain of love and cookies than I am of anything else. I am certain that everything I achieve becomes richer with love, everything I do, shines brighter with love. … and with cookies.

…and by the way, the word for ‘cookie’ in Japanese is … “kookie.”