This I Believe

Michael - Snohomish, Washington
Entered on October 21, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in the importance of being and becoming myself. I believe in doing what I say I will do. I believe in apologizing when I don’t. I believe in the middle way, a way of balance – I do what I can, but not to excess or destructive exhaustion. I believe in clarity, in my speaking, writing and actions. I believe in simplicity. I believe in living in harmony with myself, others and the natural world. I call this Buddhist Thought.

I believe that Jesus of Nazareth was a real man, a very poor Jewish peasant, who lived under an oppressive foreign occupation by the Roman Empire, who had a following, who healed many, and who left a legacy of how to be in the world by his own example of how he was in the world. I call this Christian Action.

I believe that there is enough to go around. I believe in being part of spreading what we have around, so everyone has enough. I believe that this is urgent, especially for children, so they can develop normally. I believe it is possible to live in peace. I call this Justice, then Peace.

I believe in the validity of the Enneagram personality system and that I am a type Six, the Fear type. I believe in the importance of taking action, before I have complete certainty, in order to push thru the fear that I feel. I call this Courage.

I believe in music. I believe in the power of music and dance to connect me with myself and to generate connection between people. I believe this has been true since the beginning of the human race. I call this Celebration.

I believe in the importance of transformation and development, on an individual level, at every level of human society and for the entirety of the universe. I believe in the power of meditation to assist this process. I call this Work.