This I Believe

.ed - New York, New York
Entered on October 20, 2006
Age Group: 65+
Themes: citizenship

My first vote was for Truman. My opinions were formed by him, the Roosevelts, Stevenson and being brought up in Greenwich Village.

As a liberal (all inclusive) personality with a lasses faire attitude (live and let live) I couldn’t care less about who or what marries or doesn’t marry who or what, who prays or doesn’t, to whatever they believe in, wants to have a baby or doesn’t need to, for what reason and by whatever means they choose. It is not my business nor are my choices anyone else’s.

At the same time I have been fiscally conservative (a so called Republican trait until now ) – never being in debt, beyond the occasional car repair bill, quickly paid off since I resent paying interest. (Running a mortgage was difficult for me to accept, except it offset the 401k tax benefit I received, that I now have to divest myself of, since I turned 70)

I believe Government has the obligation to take care of the old and the sick, to give temporary assistance to those in need, educate its citizenry, so that they can get jobs and pay taxes, and protect them from each other and from outside intrusion. That’s what I pay taxes for.

I don’t believe Government should support prices in crops like sugar and rice ( which we shouldn’t be growing) in order to undercut some small country, whose main crop it is, so we can make that country loans at exorbitant interest, and still claim we believe in a free market.

From time to time, I have voted for liberal Republicans,( Javitts, Lindsey, Rockefeller, Gulianni, to name a few) I found Eisenhower fair handed, Nixon great in foreign affairs and for the environment (Which his own party gutted from Reagan on)

Reagan, who headed my union(S.A.G.) sold us out to the producers in contracts and then ran as a strong union man and destroyed the air controllers union. Put S.A.G. in debt and then went on to do the same to California as Governor.His economic policy (Supply-side trickle down, called Voodoo economics by Bush his vice president) was terrible for the country leaving us in big debt ( he publicly admitted that in the 1st year of his 2nd term) only to have Bush the first quadrupling that (read my lips, and then raising taxes) and have Bush the 2nd do the same to Texas and now to the country. (sign of insanity,repeating an action expecting different results)

Clintons economy was better but of course the Republicans said it was because he adopted Reagan’s policies and when they came in and were failing in 2000 they blamed Clinton’s economic policy.Unfortunately Clinton couldn’t keep it zipped, like Kennedy,Eisenhower and George the first (but the kept that one real quiet) and who knows what George the Second did before he stopped drinking and drugging. My attitude has always been,”I don’t care who he does it to as long as it’s not me”.

So I find myself in a emotional split (like most of the country). Socially Liberal and Fiscally Concervative.

But the overall underlying political and social issue that will be the breaking point for me is hypocracy.Doing one thing while espousing another. George the 2nd, wether I llke him or not, did what he said. and we did not listen to him.