This I Believe

Sara - Cheyenne
Entered on October 20, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

My dog died a few months ago. I poured love into our relationship and she seemed to pour it right back. I cleaned up countless amounts of accidents from both ends and loved her anyway, and she loved me. I fed her selflessly and loved her selflessly. I relished in her scent, the sound of her lapping water and crunching food and drooling all over the floor through dinner. She ALWAYS was happy to see me and missed me at any moment I was not with her she even lost hair when I was away for a week leaving her in the care of my then boyfriend now husband. My dog was love, unhindered love and she helped me love selflessly as I helped her passed her pain, helping her to sleep, through tears I thought may kill me. My dog, my pet, my sister, my companion showed me the face of God, the face of LOVE. I believe that God does not care if I call him dog, or Allah or nothing at all. God only cares that I love and that Love motivates me in all of my actions and I believe that my dog, my animals, my companions help me to do that.