This I Believe

V - deerfield beach, Florida
Entered on October 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I am not a number – this I believe.

It doesn’t matter how you calculate them – be it by test performance, SAT: 1630.

Be it by academic performance, GPA: 2.75 or by random chance, Student Number: 21480173 – I don’t want to be known or judged by as any series of numbers! Not even my birth date. I am not those numbers – any of those numbers. I have nothing to do with numbers. The number two existed long before I was a “C student” and will continue to exist long after my legacy as “average” has faded into the sea of other defining numerals. I don’t even like the fact that I, myself, find it easier to remember a specific time of day than I do someone’s name. Names roll of the tongue beautifully – each original sylabul a pixel of a person’s self-image.

Numbers are stale and emotionless. They stand in lines and wait to be used to solve the problems of logical folk. People whose reasoning equates to a definite sum. Numbers are not for children. They are not definitions for tiny beings whose purpose is to live, love, learn, explore and grow as much as possible. Or at least before they reach the heavily numbered fortress of adulthood. When you are grown the numbers begin to, not only bother, but chase you! Your income becomes you. It dictates who you would talk to on the subway and what kind of car you can afford to buy to avoid the subway altogether. I first learned I was a number in nineth grade and I have had trouble getting numbers out of my head since. “What if the numbers don’t change? How will people know how dumb I’m not?” People like to ask questions like “how’s school?”- to answer I start a story detailing how I feel and what I enjoy, only to be cut short. What they meant to say was “what’s your current number?” then they like to tell me that if the numbers were higher ones that I would not be so against everything they stand for. Though I cant know for sure if this is true or not I’d like to think I would be equally disgusted to be introduced as “4.0” at parties – just as I am disgusted to be thought of as “2.7” in the eyes of colleges.

Numbers say “why relate when you can simplify”. They give us no reason to as “why?” – we only need to know the figures. “Why” is what makes us human. So let’s find out why. Why am I 2.7 and 1630? I think the answer would tell more about me than any one figure ever could. So thanks for reading my words! Thanks for giving personality to a number like me.