This I Believe

Stefan - La Canada, California
Entered on October 19, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that being unconcerned is helpful. Some people bring their negativity to my ears for no reason. I learned to overcome just by a smile. By ignoring I managed to become who I am now. By ignoring I managed to keep thinking positive and move forward. Not paying attention to, in my opinion, the useless, feels better than appreciating the useful. Things that make me feel bad, sad, and mad are things I learned to ignore from experience. Many people in my life tried to assign me the status of a good listener also throw their troubles on me. I never wanted to be bothered by these people but none of them noticed and probably would never do. If my carelessness was unnoticed, than either I was a good actor or the other side was somehow indifferent about being heard.

Being unconcerned is not easy. The first thing I remember that helped me being unconcerned, was acting like I am interested or at least neutral about the beliefs and opinions of others. It takes just a little acting skills to accomplish that. By just saying yes or even shaking my head positively I have been ignoring people all my life. In the beginning I was not sure if that was giving me the stupid look of a selfish person. Then I realized that all that the other side needed was satisfied. At the end nobody’s feelings were ever hurt and nobody’s head was full of unnecessary information. Even being unconcerned about the time lost appears helpful.

Another skill that helped my objective needed more time. But again I was dedicated to my own goals and that motivated me. It was hard to actually ignore what I was hearing, and that I consider, the core part of being unconcerned. I had to let the words, spoken to me, flow unmarked through my ears. As I was growing more and more people started talking to me. For example, the village people from my country sometimes are so wrong about what is the right decision to make. How could anyone explain anything to them, when they are acting unconcerned about the experienced one’s advises. Their first aim when they come to the city is to oppose the people there and compete with them demonstrating the best of their knowledge.

For some people being unconcerned is not a good approach. My type of personality made me become what I am. In some cases, I am unconcerned and I apologize if it becomes obvious. I have the right to transcript any information anyhow for myself. To be honest, I would not be concerned about a person like me.