This I Believe

Levon - 91205, California
Entered on October 19, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

The knowledge is a power. I believe in education.

Starting , right after I was born , I have learned the first thing ,breath . Then slowly I learned how to eat ,speak , walk , read , etc.. I believe that what I learned in school , in college ,in life is a one time experience . But it wasn’t a deal. As soon as you get in educated environment you feel that you need more and more information . As I learned the information is always get change and I need to renew my knowledge too. The proverb sais:”As long as you live, you always learn”.

None of us can claim that I was born smart, educated . We all were born the same. The only different between one to another is that the one have chosen to learn another one not. We were learned in schools , in colleges, in life. People learn , they wanted or not from the others, by behavior, by listening to another one, by other sours of information that is available to us.