This I Believe

Joshua - Plover, Wisconsin
Entered on October 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe Essay

I believe in Scouting. Not just Boy Scouts, because that would take away the credit from Girl Scouts, but just scouting and the ideals behind scouting.

I started in the scouting program as a Tiger Cub when I joined in 1st grade. I remember for my first den meeting, we went to the fire station and learned fire safety. We learned about making family escape routes and the stop, drop and roll exercise. Afterwards we got to go for a ride and even turn on the sirens.

As the years went by I continued up the ladder, going from a Tiger Cub to a Bobcat, then to a Bear, and then to a Wolf. I earned a couple of bet loops for things like Archery and BB gun shooting and eventually I earned a couple Webelos pins. By summer I became a Wolf, I was going to be going to a summer camp. This was going to be my first camping experience in a tent. I was so excited to be going since I was unable to go the year before because I was too young.

Eventually I became a Webelo, earned my arrow of light, and then crossed over into Boy Scouts. The sad truth is that out of the fourteen other kids that started with me as a Tiger Cub, only my best friend and I crossed over into Boy Scouts. The reason I stuck with scouting was purely because of the fun and exciting activities I got to do.

In Boy Scouts, I learned about our government and history. I learned about nature and wilderness survival skills. I earned my Tenderfoot, Second-class, First-class, Star, and finally my Life rank, which is a rank below Eagle.

When I reach the rank of Life, I started to get bored of the whole program. As an older scout in the troop, most of the activities we did, I already had done. So I decided it was time to give back to the program. I am now a 3rd year staff at Akela’s World Cub Scout Camp in Northern Wisconsin. Whether it’s singing a funny camp song next to a campfire, or dressing like a goofy character from a movie, I and 30 others inspire the lives of our future bringing them fun filled memories.

I am a Boy Scout and I believe that the scouting program and ideals have made me the person I am today. By living the scout oath and law, you can live a good successful life. Without scouts, both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, the world would be very different than what it is today.

Scouting was founded by a British soldier named Robert Baden-Powell in 1908. Agnes, his sister, founded Girl Guides in 1910. Since then the scouting program has inspired the lives of many, including some of the most important people in history.

I believe that scouting helped Neil Armstrong become the first man on the moon. Neil Armstrong is an Eagle Scout, along with many other important people including President Gerald Ford and Steven Spielberg. Since scouting pushes you to “do your best” and “do a good turn daily” you learn to overcome obstacles and succeed.

Scouting teaches you values to live by, not only when you’re at scout meetings or on a weekend canoe trip, but values to live by for the rest of your life.

I believe in Scouting.