This I Believe

Mina - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on October 19, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

Finding the Truth in Being Bored.

It’s funny how random being bored is. It has shown itself in my presence many times before, but it has yet to become a disappointment in my book. Some refer to being bored as something dreadful; something that they wish didn’t exist. But have the masses actually ever stopped to wonder how much of a benefit being bored has really given them? I think we should all take a chance to at least envision it to really see why it is happening to us.

I can’t stand living this life of not knowing right from wrong. I hate not knowing what to do when I have nothing to do at the exact moment. What exactly can be done while being bored? Is there something to write? Something to draw? Something to discover? Reach out for someone that is close by just to get my mind looking somewhere else?

Lately, I still haven’t found internally what being bored really means. What do you think it means? Can you define it? Can you describe it? Can you feel it? Can you compare it? Can you tell me exactly what it is in its purest form?

Whatever it may be in any way, shape or form, I believe in it. Its silence brings out the best in me while I ponder such random questions that flow through my mind. From it, I have discovered a new sense of light that I have never thought existed anywhere in this lifetime. While being bored, I formulated infinite questions that revolved around possible answers. I began to repeat this process like there was no tomorrow, and at last, I was finally able to breathe because it made so much sense while doing it.

Being bored made me aware. It made me think in precision. Being bored gave me knowledge and it allowed for magical creativity. Being bored tasted superior to all of its surroundings. And for its most important benefit, being bored gave me a life to live.

Is what I’m saying real or am I just metaphorically speaking? From what I know, I simply move forward everyday by finding the truth in being bored.