This I Believe

Jose - Los Angeles, California
Entered on October 19, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

The Importance Of Striving For Success

I believe in each individuals’ strive for success. Everyone has variations of them. For mothers’ its raising their children. For immigrants its crossing the border. For homeless people its finding something to eat. For civilians caught in war is surviving one more day. For investors to sell their shares.

From children, adults, the elderly and people of different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds we all have one thing in common; we have goals to


I believe in my own strive forsuccess…..It is the reason to wake up every morning. It is the purpose and direction in my life. Meanwhile through midterm, finalexaminations and during a series of long study nights, I savor my difficult strive for success.

One day in my freshman English class I was assigned to read a book called They Poured Fire on Us From The Sky reading this book was an eye-opener and as I later came to realize it strengthen a core belief of mine.

They Poured Fire on Us From The Sky is an extraordinary example that arose to prove that regardless of how terrible a situation is, if you strive for success it can be achieved. By reading the novel of They Poured Fire on Us

From The Sky, an account of three boys who survived the Sudanese civil war during the 80’s and 90’s, it has strengthen my belief of the importance of striving for success. These boys in defiance of all odds through:

ambushes, long walking treks (many times without even eating through several days), beatings, hunger, disease and other atrocities managed to maintain strength and courage to survive even as they watched thousands

of other boys like them die along this trek. As I read through the book I realized that it was important to maintain hope despite any situation. If courageous Sudanese boys had survived through war without their parents

and had even succeeded in learning and accessing the Western World….then why would I strain myself from achieving my dreams and goals. Why? This lesson has become my fuel every time I run into difficult times where I feel like I want to give up. I want to be like the boys of Sudan who were successful in their strive to survive. It became a renewed spirit and the driving force through my life; even till’ this day.

I believe everyday is a strive for success. For without it, one would lose interest in life. Whether its for good or bad purposes every soul seeks to achieve their goals. It is human nature to seek opportunities to better

ourselves. The account of these Lost Boys from Sudan has changed my life. I belief in my strive for success.