This I Believe

Anjali - New York City, New York
Entered on October 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children


I believe that admitting you’re still a child is what makes you become an adult.

“I can’t do this, I’m just a kid.” Might just be the wisest thing I have ever said. Sure, many have heard this high-pitched whine that hurts most electronic machinery. It doesn’t seem that significant, just another kid complaining about something or other. But this kid might have just understood something it takes years to comprehend.

I know I’ve squealed this line much more than once. Adults may take it as an excuse to get out of something. But I think when I say this I’m showing my weakest, most vulnerable side. “I’m just a kid” isn’t one of the most obvious things for anyone, especially an adolescent, to realize, though it may seem like it. “I’m just a kid” opens you up to the fact that you aren’t old enough to understand. You aren’t wise enough to cope. “I’m just a kid” really means “I need help”.

I suppose I’ve come to this realization because I’m thirteen—the dreaded age. We adolescents—I’m using the word we because we have to band together and “fight the man”—want to be seen as adults. I look at my parents, and my teachers and I want to be just like them. Well, maybe not just like them. But they seem to know what they’re doing while I have no clue. But, like most adolescents, I refuse to admit that. “I’m grown up now!” or “Mom! I’m not a little kid anymore!” can be frequently heard around the world. I cannot count how many times I’ve said that. But, when I admit I’m still too young, I’m admitting to a tiny fear that I have. The fear that I might never grow up.

I never thought this was a sign of—dare I say it—maturity until not too long ago. Looking back (A day? Two days?) maybe it does prove I’m getting older. I need help, that I know, everybody does. Certainly so do adults. But I think that is one of the hardest things I have had to say. Admitting I’m a child might be my first step to becoming an adult. Hopefully I won’t turn out as strange as they are.