This I Believe

Keiondra - WPB/FL, Florida
Entered on October 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

“This I believe Essay”

What ever God throws you, you can handle and it will only make you stronger, This I believe. Growing up life seemed perfect to me. See I had both my parents you know the perfect mommy and daddy, then down the road their came the divorce scenario. I remember being confused I couldn’t understand why my mom wanted us to stay with my Grandma. I was always wondering when I was going to see my dad, after I saw them yelling and screaming I covered my ears and cried, she dragged me up out of the house. I can’t even begin to think about the last time since I saw my dad.

Sooner than I thought, my mom was seeing a new man, little did I know

the biggest mistake ever. He became my step dad and of course I didn’t like him. He was evil if you ask me. He had dirty nails, cigarette scented breath, yellow eyes and a bald head. My step-dad would beat my little sister and myself if he didn’t get his way. But one day I just wasn’t having it, he tried to whop my little sis for something I sure she didn’t do but he had a habit of making false accusations. “DON’T YOU PUT YOUR HAND SON HER SHE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” I heard someone scream not realizing that those words were coming from my very own mouth. He choked and grabbed me all the way around the house like me and the dirt were both equal. My mother did nothing I was devastated. I told my Granny the whole thing trying to make it as clear as possible through my tears. That’s when she said “God aint gonna through nothing your way you can’t handle it will only make you stronger.” This is why I’m were I am today, I no longer have my Granny but trust and believe she’s made me into a wise young and intelligent lady through her words of wisdom.