This I Believe

Amy - New Madison, Ohio
Entered on October 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

As a young child I was like most other children, I did not care how sick I was I did not need to go see the doctor because the nurses were mean. Luckily I was a healthy child and my visits were few and far between. When I was twelve all of my views changed and made me realize that I wanted to be the nurse that I had been afraid of. My mother had been to my school for a program and was in a very serious accident on her way home. She was taken by Care-Flight to our trauma center and admitted to the ICU for 2 weeks after many surgeries and much wonderful care from the doctors, surgeons and those dreadful “mean” nurses she was able to go to a regular room for another week or so. I spent almost every night after school and all day on the weekends at the hospital and definitely was able to gain my “new” perspective on nursing. After getting used to the smells and the hustle and bustle I found myself relaxed and enjoying what all went on around me. As a twelve year old I wasn’t sure what they were doing at most times so I began asking questions. The more I asked the more I thought that it was an awesome thing that nurses do and that they aren’t the mean old ladies at the doctor office who only want to hurt me. At that time I told myself when I grow up I want to be the nurse who helps save human lives and provides the care that sick and healthy people need. I hope that all children have the opportunity to gain a new perspective on the scary nurses and doctors. Whether this be from an unfortunate event such as my mom’s accident or something not as serious. I just hope that whatever it is that turns on a new light in their head that they consider it whole heartedly. People who become nurses are chosen, but in some cases need a situation to bring it to light. This I believe.