This I Believe

Alyssa - fountain city, Indiana
Entered on October 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that nothing worthwhile is going to be easy to achieve. I am currently enrolled in a bachelors degree program, and as I have moved forward in my college career I have faced many challenges, been given many opportunities, and have had my first real experiences. Along with the many challenges of nursing school, life has been very challenging for me over the last 2 years as well.

My future seems so far away, but I have been looking forward to the future for many years and hope that one day I will become what I have always dreamed of. Nursing is a profession full of endless opportunities, countless responsibilities, large workloads, and not a sufficient amount staffing to do the job that some patients expect. I believe that nursing care is the process by which a patient is helped by a nurse to recover from an illness or injury, or to regain as much independence as possible. The nurse is more concerned with the patient’s overall reaction to the disorder and is devoted to control of physical pain, the relief suffering, and when possible, the avoidance of complications. From the patient’s perspective, the most important quality the nurse can offer involves listening with patience to anxieties and fears, and providing emotional support and comfort.

Just here recently I have had many losses and accidents come my way in such a short time. I wanted to become a nurse because of my brother who got hit by a van and needed constant care for about six months, my grandfather who died of many complications, and my great-grandmother who died shortly after surgery. All of these people helped me to grow and develop and to make the final decision on what I wanted to do with my life.

When my brother was hurt I had spent many nights up all night taking care of him. I lost many hours of sleep and was beginning to fall behind in my studies, but what was I to do. I felt as if my mother needed my help. My grandfather and great-grandmother I had promised that since day one of college that I would become the best nurse that I could possibly be and that I would take care of them when I was done with school. Well, I never got to really take care of them but I do know that as long as I pursue my dream and my goal they will be so happy for me and know that I had made them so proud.

Becoming a nurse is a very hard and tedious work but in the end it will all be worthwhile to me. To know that I am contributing to prolonging life and caring for the sick I feel that I have contributed to what I think many society members just take for granted. I have high expectations set for myself and I am devoted to finishing nursing school and becoming the best nurse I can be. I am going to walk tall and be proud of my chosen profession and hopefully someone will realize that this may be their calling as well.