This I Believe

Robét - South Pasadena/California, California
Entered on October 17, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: freedom

I believe that living up to life is more important than education

Sure I need education to live up to life; I never said that I didn’t need education just that I should live life instead of going further into school to learn how to live my life. I should have already set goals for myself so that I can do something that I love and live up to it, while having fun doing it. No class, school, or teacher can educate me to corroborate my life setting, it is not their duty. Everybody has his or her own intrinsic value in life, whether we find it when we are young or old sooner or later we’ll find it and this is when you know life has been lived to its fullest. Education can only teach me about life, what is expected of me during my lifetime and it can lead me in the right direction but it can not teach what will become of me.

After fifteen years of my life dedicated to school, which only about four years count, I just don’t know what to do with my life. As a young kid at the age of thirteen, knowing only about money I decided that I was going to be a radiologist. I later found out that in order to become a radiologist I needed about eight years of college. So I decided that I am not going to become a doctor any more instead I will just find an easy going job in life and live the simple life. As of right now I am an eighteen year old lifeguard and it is quite simple but sometimes it can get very tiring while on the lifeguard tower. I remember one day I was in the therapy pool, sitting on a chair with a blow horn next to me and all of a sudden I got real tired. Watching instructors trying to teach kids how to swim gets boring after a while, so I start to doze off in front of the children’s parents, tip to the right and I blow the horn. I immediately tell everyone it was a false alarm and suddenly wake up, as if I took crack or something, not that I know anything about it. Embarrassing but I now have funny memories at work; this could have never happened if I was in surgery and accidentally pulled the patients heart out.

Having fun with life is better than having someone lecture you about life, such as a philosopher. Philosophy teaches you about life and how everything is somehow connected or not connected but all of the philosophical theories really don’t matter. I live life everyday and shouldn’t I already have a sense of what philosophy is and not having someone like Aristotle or Plato telling me that when I see an object, is it really there or moving? I mean why question it if I can obviously see it with my own two eyes. Philosophers all have their own philosophies about human nature and when you compare one philosophers philosophy to another it just creates confusion in life. This is how education can discombobulate the way I choose to live my life according to the political spectrum. Of course I need education but as I said we need to limit or educational status, so that when it comes to living up to life I won’t have to question life and just say “this is my life.”

To obtain my PhD in college, to work in the medical field is a waist of life! Yes, of course I am going to make a lot of money but my life is going to be set on a pager. In most cases having a late night emergency here, fourteen hour operation there or just knowing that someone’s life is in my hands and having them know it also. I wouldn’t be able to handle so much pressure and stress in life; I already have grey hairs as an adolescent, so why pitch for more. Living a simple life is all there ever is to be content with myself. It doesn’t matter how much money I make or what degree I have but what I become as an individual in life.