This I Believe

Sarah - Liberty, Indiana
Entered on October 17, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Being A Nurse

Before becoming a nursing student working as a patient care technician I thought that all nurses did was pass medications, take doctor’s orders, change dressings, and work a lot of overtime. The longer that I was a technician the more I thought about becoming a nurse, so I began my journey. Now that I am junior in the nursing program I have come to realize that there is so much more to the nursing profession. It seems that even now people are always asking my opinion about symptoms that they are having and while most of the time I don’t have the answers, it still makes me feel like they look up to me. Now that I have taken care of a few patients, I have realized that nursing is holistic like my professors keep telling me. Even though I have passes medications, and helped with dressing changes, I feel like the thing that I have done that has impacted these patients lives is just to be there for them. Whether it’s cheering them on and saying “push, push, push” repeatedly while a mother is delivering her new child or sitting I the nursing home room talking about his kids, wife, friends, and the way things use to be. That seems to be the things patients remember. Getting a warm blanket, saying hello, filling their ice water, or making their bed are the small things that could make or break a patients day. I’ve noticed just in the past few weeks that when you walk in a patients room if you make eye contact with them and call them by Mr. or Ms. and their last name that this start to build a rapport with the patient because they know that you respect them. All of this said knowing now that nursing is holistic like they have been telling us it’s interesting to see that the public image of a nurse in scrubs with a needle in hand waiting to give you a shot is not what it is all about.