This I Believe

Kati-Megan - Saratoga, Indiana
Entered on October 17, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that a professional nurse gives the highest standard of care. Skills are essential in providing care but in providing holistic care you have to be compassionate. I believe a nurse can have the best skills but with out compassion the care is not complete. I am currently a nursing student and I have witnessed some incredible nurses at work. I have also seen quality care at a lower level. In my transition from a novice nurse to one day a professional nurse, I am becoming aware of what is important in providing the highest standard of care.

Florence Nightingale is an important figure in nursing that set the stage for many nurses. She displayed a love and drive that encouraged future nurses to pursue to be the best. I have been in the shadow of many incredible nurses. As a nursing student I build off of my experiences and learn form other nurses. When I observe a professional nurse it is like seeing an artiest at work. In the way she talks, touches, and provides the care it is apparent that she is truly a professional nurse.

I had a professor that gave the assignment to write a paper on why I wanted to be a nurse. My love for taking care of others, and being part of making someone’s life better is enough for me to decide that nursing is for me. As I see how nurses incorporate their unique bedside manners with their remarkable skills I acquire the potential to do the same. Once a nurse said, it is not the nursing terminology, the education, or where we work. It is how we utilize our knowledge and what we do with it. In recognizing all that a nurse contributes to the public with out expecting acknowledgements tells me a lot about the care she is giving.

The lower level of care that I have witnessed is due to being over worked and unappreciated. It is disheartening to see a nurse with full potential lose their compassion. I feel that they are not bad nurses but nurses that forgot to care for there selves or forgot why they became nurses. Some nurses forget that giving care has to be replaced by getting care or just need a reminder why they became a nurse.

I have much more to learn and dream to be a professional nurse that is as incredible as the ones I have been honored to meet. In the process of obtaining the many skills of nursing I will always use the importance of care as motivation. A professional nurse is only successful if the highest standard of care is always given.