This I Believe

Kimberly - Richmond, Indiana
Entered on October 17, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

“I believe that Nurses are Angels in disguise”

I can recall my first day as a junior in the BSN program at Indiana University East, in Richmond, Indiana, preparing myself for my first clinical experience. I was filled with excitement and overwhelmed with fear, all at the same time. As just the night before, I worked continuously on researching the disease state of my patient. Carefully, I began studying and documenting the action, potential side effects and the laboratory test that effected the twenty-five different medications that my patient was currently taking at the time. It wasn’t until 2:00 am, the light bulb turned on in my head, that allowed me pull all the needed pieces together, similar to a jigsaw puzzle, and develop a well prepared and thought out care plan, needed, to effectively care for my patient the next morning. As I pursue my nursing career, I have learned to over achieve, strive for the best and reach high, because I have pride in nursing. Nurse save lives, they can work in undesirable conditions and are very adaptable. They are multitasked individuals that care for people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and lifestyles. Nurses strive for excellence by teaching about symptom management and illness prevention. Most importantly, nurses challenge others in order to serve as advocates for patients. Therefore, I thank God for creating such caring and loving people that push towards health and wellness.

When asked to describe what an Angel consist of, in a few words, I include the following: protective, messengers, helpful, rescuers, and passionate. To me this is a nurse: protective by being a patient advocate. Nurse are messengers, they skillfully assess patient status and report problems immediately, in order to provide prompt and effective care. Nurses are helpful, by making every possible effort to help patients understand diseases and teach possible symptoms and complications. Nurses are rescuers, in that they promote healing and save lives. Lastly, nurses are passionate; they are enthusiastic about patient care and push for merit achievement. I believe that I have choose or maybe God has chosen me to be that “Angel”, to go through life touching souls, shaping hearts, and changing lives. In other words, serve as an undercover healer, an Angel, a Nurse.