This I Believe

terra - connersville, Indiana
Entered on October 17, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I Believe

It was one late Saturday night as I was working till seven, and it may have been about a quarter till that I heard Matt over the intercom say, “Code Blue room 409 , Code Blue room 409”. No sooner I ran down the hall from a resident’s room I was in to nearly get knocked down by a very eager nurse looking at me for information. Trish had the look in her eyes that she was ready to save someone’s life, the look of total determination. It was her deep desire, the glare in her eyes that told me that she would run over anyone to get to that code. I was of course thinking that when she nearly ran over me. This is a quality I want to have within myself. The question that weighs heavy in my heart and mind is the question of what really makes a good nurse. When I finally graduate will I be a good nurse? In dealing with people’s lives I know that knowledge, values, and respect for human life are very important with being a professional role model in nursing. You will not have a professional nurse with out these qualities.

Determination in life is what makes it tolerable, it is a coping device within us that says just keep doing and going on with life or fix the bad situation. I Believe Determination is the real deal that goes a long way. Everyone seems to have his or her own story in life, sometimes a story of pain and loss. It is an honorable duty, and image of nursing to try to comfort people with some type of loss or pain. The idea of not giving up extents in any health field that works hands on with people. Perseverance would especially be a quality in the nursing profession. Promises and people come and go but what makes them stay? A person who keeps their promises I would say is filled with determination. My husband says I’m very stubborn, maybe this is like determination, only with a little attitude.

I Believe that Determination goes a long way. If it was not for determination many people would have given up when things got a little tough. Professional values may not mean something to some people but it may mean more to a patient if the nurse is caring and is very determined about helping to save their life. All the good nurses I know don’t give up very easily. Most of the nurses I know, I don’t want to see give up either.