This I Believe

Tawanda - richmond, Illinois
Entered on October 17, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

“This I Believe”

As a young girl born and raised in Gary, Indiana, I began to notice that I had a cutting sense of humor and a good dose of street wisdom, along with a desire to give advice and a helping hand to others.

My grandmother suddenly became very ill and my mother and other family members were not able to deal with many of the issues that were going to be involved in providing the care that she needed. Therefore, I stepped up to the challenge that awaited my family and me. The challenges included numerous tasks that sometimes were difficult but I continued to provide the care that my grandmother needed. Also, I realized that I found the job at hand to be very rewarding. I was feeling a twinge of pleasure in knowing that I could meet the challenge, and a sense of fulfillment within.

In my high school years I debated with the fact that at some point in time I would have to make plans concerning my future out in the work force. Deep down inside I had always had a desire to help and to please others.

I began to have ideas and dreams of how I could someday work in a field in which I could usemy knowledge, my hands, and my heart. I began to set goals and keep my eyes on my destination. What was the best thing that could happen? What was the worst thing that could happen? The role of a professional nurse became my passion.

Things began to happen in great succession as I started to affirm my goals. Doubts and fears rose before me in great force but as soon as I took a moment’s break from those doubts and fears my plans began to come together. The only real failure would be to give up on my passion.

I believe that the role of a nurse can be my calling, my purpose! Nurses are advocates, caregivers, and educators. Nursing is both a science and an art. Nurses provide holistic interventions that will meet not only the physical needs of patients and their families but psychosocial, cultural, spiritual, and environmental as well. Much focus is placed on using critical thinking skills to analyze and synthesize the knowledge of the arts, the science and much nursing research and theory in order to provide comprehensive and individualized care for patients. Nurses are viewed by the community as a caregiver that exhibits knowledge, skill and empathy. I believe nurses are “Angels of Mercy”.