This I Believe

Charlotte - Omaha, Nebraska
Entered on October 17, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Watching people walk screams out what they really are. The way their eyebrows lay. The age creases by their mouths showing that they had a life full of laughter or lack there of. The smirk that they wear, or don’t. The look of care…. or the look of despair. The chunk of time it takes to reach point A to point B, and the reason as to how their life has come to be. Where are they going and for what reason? Everyone walks for their reasons, if its, going to get something that you thought looked just marvelous on your feet so you can walk to another reason. Or if your reason is concerning shape and being in it, you walk. But have you ever just walked? No reasons, nothing that’s pulling or pushing you to do so. No thoughts on your mind, just walking. Just the muffled beat of your feet tapping the solid, soft, smooth, all around abstract surfaces. Just walking, listening to the leaves crunch below the feet that carry you to the destination that is not stated, for there is no reason. Just walking.