This I Believe

Huck - westminster, Colorado
Entered on October 17, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Individual self expression can be seen in our architecture, our art, and our writings it is the difference from an art masterpiece like the Mona Lisa or and architectural icon that people all over the world recognize like the statue of liberty its the ability to go outside dressed in certain attire because it makes you feel good or gets people to notice you. The ability to draw a painting of your inner loneliness so you can let people know your suffering. Individual self expression should not be taken away with rules and limitations, whether it is in school or at home, if it makes you happy to wear yellow socks and green shoes or to draw a strange painting, then you and only you have the right to express yourself. This whole country was founded on self expression, our forefathers didn’t want to be told how to worship god so they set out to find a place where their individuality would be their own, with no certain way to express themselves. I believe we have lost a lot of this freedom today with the way we put everyone down, everyone’s afraid to dress how they want when they want because they don’t want to look like a geek, or look ugly, because that’s un-cool. so I hope one day we can put away the immature put downs and accept people for who they are, not how they look, like the expression goes don’t judge a book by its cover.