This I Believe

thomas - Nashua, New Hampshire
Entered on October 17, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

John F. Kennedy dared a generation to create a new, better world. Many of us believed him.

Some of us came to believe in ourselves… at least enough to act on that impulse of creation.

All my life I wanted to write – so this is my first in a series of books attempting to understand our society – entitled. “The Second America.”

I may believe that people have something to say – even when they really do not. You may believe this too – but saying something when you write a book places the expression into an eternal voice, at once proposing words for the meaning intended, while also setting yourself up for criticism – by this very act of liberation.

This I believe announces civilization – and the ensuing debate which is desperately needed about who we are as a people – evolves a new perspective. Age can bring a better, deeper appreciation of difference and values – the key elements of any true culture that insists upon accepting diverse peoples, helping those who require it and rearing their children to become healthy, thoughtful members of the world.

We cannot change our society overnight, but we can change our own behavior and morality right now – today – if only our will to commit is strong enough, grown from a seed over forty years ago.

During these decades we have witnessed the decline of security and the introduction of new media that declare us individuals, yet without sufficient power to stop the decline of dignity for a majority of us now. As we lose more of what we need, our society gains transparency for introspection and relief. This contradiction is the bequest of transforming from one world to a new one, and we must be willing to deal with the consequences of not understanding it.

As regimes fall, the seasons change and we do discover ourselves – praying for stability, even if that faith is filled with loss and death.

This I believe has conceived a new challenge -to accept once again the proposition made to us so long ago.

And I believe we will succeed.