This I Believe

Michael - Rydal, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 17, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the hardest thing in life is to stand alone in a crowd of many. As brave and bold as we are individually or when in agreement with the larger group, when in opposition we are just as helpless as those that are being picked a part.

If one were looking for a time or place in their lives that epitomized hypocrisy, one would have to choose high school. Among high school students you will frequently hear, “I hate drama” or “she talks too much trash,” yet at the same instant, that same person is text messaging gossip about another girl. In high school, no one is safe from the waves of gossip, whether you know it or not there is someone somewhere talking about you.

However, the part about the problem I find most troublesome is the disloyalty on the part of friends. When someone is being publicly humiliated, or talked about behind their back, their good friends are rarely willing to go against the group and stand up for them. The majority of individuals back out of the conversation while letting the lies and cruel deeds go unattested. Now it is a hard thing to interrupt a group and cause unnecessary controversy, but if your going to call yourself a friend then it is your duty to do just that.

I would love to say that I do not gossip, that I accept individuals for who they are, but that would be a bold face lie. I am in fact a high school student, and I still have juvenile habits. Nevertheless, in spite of the casual “smack talking,” I still would like to think of myself as a good friend. Not only would I put my ass on the line for a friend, if it came down to it I wouldd put my face there as well. This being the case, why would I even think to betray him? Why would I not right those wronging him behind his back? It’s a mixed up world high school, one that I do not and will never fully understand so long as I live. All I can do is make a conscience effort to improve upon my bad habits and myself. I hope that next time, for the brother whom I would fight a long side, I will fight for even if he is not in the presence.

It is easy to walk with the flow of a crowd because any opposition creates friction. However, I believe that the crowd is not always right, and there are instances that a little friction can do great good, especially if it is for a friend.