This I Believe

britney - philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 17, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that people are meant to inspire.

One of the best things that anyone could have told me was to “slllloooww dooown.” I thought too fast and acted on the deed even faster. My 11th grade English teacher told me to slow down my thinking because then I could think as free as Walt Whitman. When I did, I began to notice things that I had never noticed before. My English teacher was the only one who had ever noticed that I could think on a deeper level. I slowed down everything and what came about only made me powerful in mind and thoughtful in speech.

I believe that people are meant to inspire. At the point where 7 sprints has my lungs fully deflated and sweat pouring from me. My basketball coach screams “DIG DEEP” at the top of his lungs. In the back of my mind I want to tell this six foot five, out of shape man to play on the team for himself but that wouldn’t achieve much, besides a court side seat on the bench. When the sprints are over and my feet are like punctured tires on a moving car, I take pleasure in a boiling hot but pleasant shower. I come to a realization that dig deep is nothing more than a way to drive me to work harder. The fact that my coach pushes me so, I have left basketball practices and other life situations with enough strength to dig deep and push myself past them.

I believe that people are meant to inspire. You can do it! I have heard this phrase time and time again but the meaning never diminishes. Each time it puts more fire to my feet. I love the thought of such a simple expression and its ability to add so much appetite to someone’s soul in the form of desire.

People are meant to inspire and a great many people have inspired me. They have inspired my spirit and my heart to be strong and fierce. When you step back and look at the other people you will see the immediate inspirations and if you don’t see it from them then the surely see it in you. Slow down, dig deep and listen to what people are really trying to say to you. You ,too, will be inspired