This I Believe

Christopher - South Lyon, Michigan
Entered on October 17, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children

A child’s blissful unawareness of the world around them, I believe, is the ultimate way to live life. The youthful happiness that children possess is something terrible to lose. I can’t say that I’m too old, but I do wish I would have never grown up.

I was more sure of what I wanted to do in life when I was 7, than I do now. The complexity of life has estranged me from the simple life of being a kid.

The simple life when I used to come home and not worry about my job, my car payment, and oh geese, girls. I would come home and think not troubling thoughts, but more of what could I do today?! The biggest stresses in my life was where I put my shoes and where my Ninja Turtles were. I wasn’t worried about the Iraq conflict, or about the rising gas prices.

I think I would give anything to be a kid again. But of course, that isn’t possible, so I try to live my life with childlike characteristics. Children find the beauty and fun in everything, and I try to live the same way: always looking for adventure, easily entertained, and getting along with everyone.

Biases are not present with kids. That’s why I think children get along so well. They don’t look down on other kids because of skin color or religious beliefs. I personally hold kids as my role models. What a better way to go through life without all the harshness of adulthood.

At work the other day, the rainy weather was bringing everyone’s mood down. I smiled at the customers as they walked past but with no response. It was when a little boy looked up at me and smiled back when I realized, this is how I want to be. The bad weather wasn’t bringing him down like it was the adults. A few minutes later I saw a brother and sister playing in the rain and I continue to see that children are full of life. Something I never want to lose touch with. I believe the biggest shame in life is aging. It’s the best of us who can continue to live with a big heart and a pure soul that will radiate unto the rest.

The world is a playground. Yes, one day you’ll stop playing. But until then you’ll find me at the monkey bars.